Mental Health Issues For Travellers And Expats

• Are companies under estimating the impact of long-term overseas assignments on their expats mental health?
• Should companies be offering a coping mechanism ahead of postings?
• To what extent can employee assistance programmes and a virtual counselling services help?

Implementing A Well-Being Policy (Case Study)

PANEL SESSION- Understanding The Response Process Used By Medical Assistance Providers In General And Remote Travel

• Regions without basic emergency services
• Case studies
• How must the traditional assistance industry evolve to meet changing travel patterns and risks?

PANEL SESSION – Duty Of Care Owed To Family Members

• What resources should companies make available to the family of an employee in the event of a serious incident abroad?
• Crisis communication, social media and the fast pace of online news-how should companies be guiding family members of an employee involved in a serious incident?
• The challenges faced by trailing spouses and children – what level of support should organisations be offering?
• Is your assignee’s family life sufficiently robust to weather the transition?
• The impact of effective organizational support on spouse adjustment
• Transition coaching for high risk locations