PANEL SESSION – Corporate Behaviour, Millennial Mindsets And Compliance Challenges

• Rogue booking and bleisure – are companies allowing Millennials to reshape their internal travel procedures to the extent that the company no longer satisfies its duty of care owed to travelling employees?
• Why is non-compliance still an issue if it is not part of any employees remit to explore their own travel options?
• Flexibility and open-booking – how might this shape up in the court rooms following an incident overseas where corporate liability is suddenly thrust into the limelight?
• Does non-compliance have any consequence for the offender?
• Refusal to adhere to policy-what is the employer recourse?

PANEL SESSION – Behavioural Risk – How Do You Influence Change In Your Travellers Behaviour And Attitudes? Can The Decisions Travellers Choose To Make Be Altered?

• Challenges around alcohol and business drinking cultures


PANEL SESSION – Is The Threat Of Reputational Risk Sufficiently Hitting Home With C-Suites When It Relates To Travelling Employees?


Dealing With A Serious Incident Abroad When Your Employee Commits A Crime

• Investigating an incident overseas


Managing Misconduct Overseas – How Expats And Their Families Unintentionally Run Afoul Of Foreign Laws

• Expat complacence over local laws and regulations
• Segregation of expats exacerbating ignorance of moral boundaries
• Keeping current and informed as to changing local cultural laws
• Due diligence in providing legal assistance on a global basis
• Special concerns over alcohol and drug related offenses