Risk Update – Current And Future Threat Landscape

• Overview of the real and perceived risks facing business travellers in the next 12 months
• Security and medical stats from 2018 – what was predicted and what was not?
• Every day risks and why these top the bill
• Terrorist groups competing for notoriety
• Kidnapping and vehicle hijack
• Meteorological and environmental threats
• Street crime and assault – where are the hotspots
• Aviation and airport security
• Implications of Brexit, The Trump presidency and geopolitical factors on travel security

Dealing With Sexual Harassment And Assault Overseas

• The social understanding in openly heteronormative, patriarchal and machismo societies.
• Picking your battles-caution around elevating a minor incident in public.
• What is appropriate and acceptable?
• Alcohol consumption – how might your drinking choices be viewed by the host country?
• Acknowledging laws, prejudices, societal assumptions and stereotypes around sexual orientation and gender presentation.
• Dealing with serious sexual assault.
• Understanding how to take action and when to involve local law enforcement.
• Seeking justice abroad.
• The invasive procedures which local law in force meant may submit victims to.
• Handling sexual harassment from co-workers overseas

Planning For An Evacuation – How Prepared Is Your Company?

• Managing risk in a fast moving context with limited reliable intelligence
• Accounting for your people and safeguarding your business interests
• Disruption to normal decision making processes
• Local nationals – has your company policy defined who is covered?
• Retaining the option to return and the goodwill of host government

Security Risks Faced By Travellers In Hotels

• Is advice changing in terms of using landmark venues and what should organisations be cautious of?
• Accessibility and privacy for guests versus a growing concern over lack of screening venue occupants
• The appeal of soft targets with a multi national element
• Using guest rooms as a control centre
• Does your preferred hotel chain subcontract its security-what are the implications?
• Full high definition surveillance, facial detection and video analytics software-is this set to become commonplace?
• The risks posed by chambermaids and unencrypted devices-is this a significant threat and where is it happening?

A Kidnap And Ransom Incident – What Is Happening In The Background?

Using Business Continuity Principles And Mythologies To Add To Informed Risk Decision-Making And Materiality