Understanding The Legal Concept Of Duty Of Care

As an employer, do you fully understand the scope of your liability risk as to your business travellers or expatriates who are injured or killed while working overseas? This session aims to shed light on common questions, to clarify areas of confusion and to dispel common myths.

• The fine line between moral and legal obligations
• How law of the land and caselaw are guiding decisions in courts
• How do business travellers demonstrate travel safety negligence in court when they litigate their employers following an incident?
• What is reasonably practiceable and how does the onus of proving this differ from one country to another?
• What approach should employers take to reduce their liability exposure to uncapped personal injury claims?
• How might an injured business traveller or expat implicate cross border choice-oflaw?
• How enforceable are employee-signed election of remedies?

Managing Misconduct Overseas – How Expats And Their Families Unintentionally Run Afoul Of Foreign Laws

• Expat complacence over local laws and regulations
• Segregation of expats exacerbating ignorance of moral boundaries
• Keeping current and informed as to changing local cultural laws
• Due diligence in providing legal assistance on a global basis
• Special concerns over alcohol and drug related offenses


Dealing With A Serious Incident Abroad When Your Employee Commits A Crime