Risk Assessing Housing And Neighbourhoods Overseas

• Carrying out a neighbourhood and housing security audit
• Inspecting expat homes for vulnerabilities
• Can the duty to risk assess overseas worksites be delegated to a third party?
• What is a dynamic risk assessment?
• The cost of not getting it right

High Risk Employees In High Risk Locations

• Kidnap and the perception of risk
• Educating high risk employees on their personal level of vulnerability
• Building awareness of the risks without creating paranoia
• Recognising and responding to changes in their risk profile
• High-risk speciality insurance
• Hardening their security posture
• To self drive or not?

A Kidnap And Ransom Incident – What Is Happening In The Background?

Screening Third Parties – Do You Know Who You Are Working With?

• Expectations towards local providers
• Vetting local providers (transportation, guarding, advisors, incident response)
• Pitfalls in the use of local providers with real life examples
• Recommendations for vetting and improving cooperation with local providers.


PANEL SESSION – Do Your Insurance Products Still Meet Your Risk Profile? How Are Insurance Industry Products Evolving To Meet A Changing Risk Landscape?